Richmond P&C Association

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Established in the early 1960’s Richmond State School P&C has been fundamental in growing the strong successful school community that Richmond enjoys today. The wider Richmond community actively supports the P&C’S fundraising endeavours, enabling the committee to purchase valuable resources for the school and to provide financial support to students who represent Richmond at district and state level for sport, academic and cultural events. Any visitor to Richmond S.S will find it to be an extremely well resourced and supported school. The P&C meets every second Monday of the month to discuss and provide feedback on school policies and activities. There is an open connectedness between the school staff and the P&C as we work towards ensuring that Richmond State School is the very best it can be, that every student receives a first rate education, has instilled in them a sense of pride and a willingness to be the best they can be and reach their full potential.
Richmond P&C Association
Phone:  47418502
Address:  Riverdale Station

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